3D parallax

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Parallax Website Design

Parallax design is the new technique followed in Web designing. This vertical scrolling website visually motivates & engages visitors and provokes them to scroll the page up & down, as it brings in an element of excitement. It’s best for brands that have one line of products, to promote specific product’s benefit and functionality or for running a single campaign.

We propose this single page design for client’s whose purpose of design is to create curiosity, interact with the visitor and add richness to their brand. Illustrative and impactful nature of parallax design will envelop the visitor in a dynamic environment & convey the concept easily.

With HTML5 & CSS 3 technologies, we create captivative single page design that delights audience. Parallax scrolling creates 3D effects, in other words it makes foreground to pop out a little. Here the background is moved slower than the foreground and so viewer will have an illusion of depth & distance. With CSS we make different layers of the web page & bring in the visual effects without the use of flash. It’s totally different from the traditional website that has boring text, here we turn your information into a story and create a storyline which would innovatively convey your message and increase the brand awareness. It animates page elements & scrolls in a vertical or horizontal pattern.

Parallax Section

Background image section with parallax effect


At Eckstein, we have started designing websites using the parallax scrolling effect for some different types of industry. We have been using parallax website design for Salons, Transportation, Eventing, Timber Merchants, Singer/Songwriters and a variety of other charities and public service companies.

These sites are great for adding depth to a website, slowly revealing content or just used to promote a product. Don’t you want to stand out from your competitors? Let your creativity run wild and move away from conventional design!

Parallax web design – ATHENARE

This parallax design was created to be the real estate site for Athenare. It has dedicated dashboards for owner and agents separately where they can upload property documents and commissions are automatically calculated based on that.

Launch website

Parallax web design – TERRASF

This parallax design was created to be the new site for Terrasf company. It adequately explains about all of the event services and management they offer.

Launch website