Photoshop Services


Background Remove

We resize, crop, remove borders & remove image background turning it to pure white, transparent or color background.


Web-Ready Images

We can fulfill the image size requirements for any ecommerce platform like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, bigcommerce, volusion, squarespace etc.


Multiple Mask

We can deliver images with Alpha Channel/Layer Mask/Only-Path, If you want to modify different parts & features of the same product including its color, shape, & size.


Color Matching

If you have different color variations of the same product but do not want to take photos of each one of them? We can change the color and size of the same product.


Neck Adding

Pictures of clothes, which are displayed by mannequins, hide the neck of the cloths. We remove the mannequins and add neck to the images.



We offer a whole range of product & beauty retouching services starting form skin retouch to background modification of the portraits.

  • Photo editing
  • Clipping path
  • Colour correction
  • Retouching
  • Neck adding
  • Jewellery retouching
Photo editing is a process where a raw photo is taken from a source like a digital camera and manipulated using Photoshop to attain the desired result. The manipulation process includes retouching the photo, colour correction, resizing the photo and graphic object insertion. The leader software in the photo editing process is the adobe Photoshop. Some of the things that can be done using the photo editing process are changing the figure proportions of the body, whitening the teeth or extending the smile. You can even colourize an old black and white photo using this process. All the glamorous pictures that you see in the magazine is a result of photo editing.

Clipping path is a great tool in the Photoshop that will help you in maintaining focus on the targeted object. It is simply outlining the edges of the object by using vector lines so that the focus remains on the object and not on the back ground. This is done by using a tool called as Photoshop pen. On the whole, it is a method to distinguishes an object from other aspects in a photo. You can even transfer the highlighted object onto an entirely different background layer. Multiclipping path or colour correction path is an advance form of clipping path. It helps in changing the colour of the specified object in the image so that the manipulated area is highlighted. It is extensively used in promoting any commercial product. When this process is used, the advertised product will be clearly highlighted in the whole image.

Colour correction is fundamentally the alteration of the white balance of the colours in a photo. It is a process where colours that make an image look dull are corrected in such a way that the images looks better than before. Mostly the basic three colours (red, green and blue) are manipulated to get the desired result. Some examples of colour correction are enhancement of whites in an image like the sky area which may not look natural due to poor quality of the camera. Sometimes the skin tone also looks unrealistic. Colour correction helps in the process of naturalization of the skin to make it look as realistic as possible.

Skin retouching is a Photoshop process where an uninspiring skin tone is made to look flawless. It includes the process of whitening or darkening the colour of the skin, removing the spots or pimples, even the dark circles around the eye can be removed by using he skin retouching process. It is extensively used in the fashion industry to present the models in a larger than life manner It also includes advance steps such as frequency separation where the colour and tone of the picture are detached from the textures. The aim is to have more control over the retouching photos to get more realistic picture with flawless skin.

Neck adding is a Photoshop operation that involves in changing the length and tone of the neck to suit the overall image in a better manner. It involves extending the neck, changing the shape and size of the neck to make it look appropriate and shapely. This process is also used in the commerce industry to promote a clothing object such as the tie or a shirt. To make it better suited, the neck is manipulated digitally to compliment the advertised product. You might have seen some models with perfect neck on the cover of a magazine. That is the result of neck adding process in a Photoshop.

Jewellery retouching is a mechanism where the jewellery in the photo in presented with a perfect look. Due to various reasons like brightness and angle of the jewellery, the raw image taken will never show the jewellery in the way you desire. This process involves producing the glare on the tip of the jewellery, intensifying the colour of the stones and brightening the entire jewellery to highlight it in the entire photo. The jewellery retouching is an important service as it helps in portraying the jewellery in aperfect manner, without which the consumers will never be attracted to buy the jewellery.

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